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3 ways to get more out of your holiday, for your job

We can work for 30 minutes a day while out of the office and still get all the mental health benefits of travel, staycations, or family trips. This is what Jessica de Bloom, PhD, of Groningen University in the Netherlands shared on the Speaking of Psychology podcast in June of 2023.

In short, de Bloom tells us that if unplugging 100% is anxiety-provoking, there are benefits to checking your emails once a day.

Personally, the potential to neglect clients or lose momentum on our growth plans would certainly concern me, so checking emails when near WiFi is a given. However, there are other ways to work-based productivity without answering emails.

Here are 3 actions I take prior to travelling to ensure I make the most of my time off, for when I return.

1. Inspiration will come, where will you note it down?

Keep a non-work-related app on your phone for taking notes. The headings or folders I might jot down usually include:

  • Ideas for my business

  • Projects I'd like to start

  • Eureka moments

  • Client ideas

2. Plan to share with your colleagues, just like friends.

You'll see things you want to share with colleagues. This is important because work relationships contribute to good mental health.

Make a folder in which you can collect photos. The last section is crucial: send them when you get back, not before. They can be a talking point without

3. Keep offline documents for dead hours.

Murphy's Law means you'll lose Internet access precisely when inspiration hits. Without creating any expectations of myself, I keep some documents that need editing on my phone.

The buzz of airports makes me want to be productive and time in transit could easily be "dead" time. For this reason, I travel prepared.

Disclaimer: Give yourself permission to disconnect

Please note, if you need to switch off, do so. You don't need to work on holiday, recharging is important and valuable.

I share these 3 tips because I enjoy my job, its flexibility, and see the above as tools to keep doing it.

Want to get to know me outside of work? My holiday snaps usually go on Threads and LinkedIn.



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