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4 Traits Writers Need to Stay Relevant in the Era of AI

Remember that movie scene where robots take over everything? It’s recently become a nightmare for many content and copywriters – for good reason! 

The current state of artificial intelligence (AI) and the rapid pace at which it’s evolving can be quite concerning, and both aspiring and established writers are grappling with the potential impact of these technological advancements on their careers. 

The good news? 

Turning AI into your ally is still possible, and it is, in fact, essential for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the game. 

If you’re looking to do this, below are 4 crucial traits you need to embrace wholeheartedly to solidify your place as a writer in this fast-paced era of artificial intelligence.

1. Confidence: Mastering Skills and Intent 

Besides the fact that AI is still in its infancy to be writing quality content, constantly doubting your skills and being worried about being replaced makes your journey as a writer incredibly frustrating.

Confidence doesn’t have to come from being a writer with 10+ years of experience, although that’s gold, of course. However, a robust portfolio and the genuine desire to make impactful contributions are a great place to start, as well. 

Remember, AI hasn’t changed the fact that many people don’t care about what they bring to the table, and their AI-generated outputs will inevitably reflect that. This is how your sincere intent to make a meaningful impact keeps you one step ahead.

2. Adaptability: Embracing Waves to Make Them

This might be a bit of a bold statement, but fighting technological advancements is pointless. 

With all the emerging tools, you need to be open to learning how to use them to your advantage. Pick your favourite and learn how to make the best out of it to streamline your process. 

It’s important to also watch out for the latest trends and advancements in the AI world and how they impact relevant industries. Regularly reviewing industry publications and subscribing to relevant newsletters can help you stay informed.

Bottom line: Roll with the changes and stay flexible because AI can often be a helpful friend, too.

3. Critical Thinking: Navigating AI Hallucinations

One of the most significant weaknesses of generative AI is that it sometimes literally hallucinates.

Critical thinking allows you to filter the information and evaluate different materials to ultimately keep your credibility as a writer intact when this happens.

Sure, AI can lead you to a lot of these materials. However, only you can judge what’s truly relevant, reliable, and valuable. 

So, yes, although AI can often handle a lot of grunt work, the ability to analyze, synthesize, draw conclusions, and persuade others remains a profoundly human skill. 

4. Empathy: Fueling Authenticity and ROI

Bland content has a distinct vibe, and the rockets just won’t cut it if you’re keen on putting out content that actually strikes a chord. That’s where empathy comes into play:

Especially in marketing and sales, understanding a brand inside out – the story behind it, the mission that drives it, and the people it’s targeting – and being able to authentically communicate that is what makes or breaks your pieces of content or copy. 

The only way AI can do that, albeit at half the proficiency level compared to your expertise as the original storyteller, is through you. 

So, there’s no way around empathy if you want to drive ROI, even if you take a shortcut and type in the perfect prompt to generate a decent output.

In short, as you navigate the era of AI in writing, embracing these traits is just as important as investing in your technical skills as a writer. Together, they’re your unique blueprint for carving your path to success in an uncertain and fast-paced landscape.

Yes, AI may seem like a formidable force for many people. Still, it’s our humanity that continues to truly distinguish our work, and it will probably be more in demand than ever in a world that is slowly getting saturated with robotic content.

Hence, now is the perfect time to double down on the right traits and mindset to stay relevant and truly stand out. 

Concerned about how to stand out as a real writer in the realm of AI? Join Aya Ellaboudy on LinkedIn and browse her portfolio.



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