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Repurpose social media content: Maximize posts and save time

I shared a post on LinkedIn. It got traction for a day or 2, and then it’s gone. That’s it? My thoughtfully curated post, which I spent hours on, was effective for only 2 days?  

Most creators are in a marathon of constant content creation because social media content is short-lived. But your posts don’t become redundant after they stop getting likes and impressions. 

They can reduce the burden of coming up with new ideas every single day. And they can also help you expand your business and create digital products for your audience. 

All you need to know is how to maximize your content, AKA repurposing social media content the right way. 

Social media content repurposing in a nutshell

So you have social media content and want to repurpose it—the whole idea of repurposing boils down to the following 2 techniques.

1. Expand or shrink the existing piece or topic 

The idea is simple. You take a content piece and either elaborate it or just take the main idea, leaving all the explanation behind.

You can also get new content ideas from an old post. For example, you have listed down a step-by-step process for validating a business model. And one of the steps is doing competitor and market research. You can take that point and create a completely new and fresh piece of content on it. 

2. Change the media format

Changing the way you present information feels fresh. If you have a text post, convert that into a video, reel, infographic or carousel. You can go reverse as well. 

Using different formats will also help you test which media format works best for your audience. 

6 Ways to repurpose social media content

We spend time and effort creating that one post. So let’s max out on it. 

6 ways to repurpose social media content into long-form content

1. Turn it into a blog post

Let’s take the same example of validating a business model. It’s a pretty broad and detailed topic. You can summarise it into a post, but it can have a blog post of its own where you can explain each step in detail with examples.  

As exemplified about, a social media post can tell us the steps but a blog post will tell us how to take the steps. 

2. Make a video out of it

There’s no denying that video is the most popular content format at the moment. So use it to your advantage. You can do a short video like a reel or go into depth on YouTube. It’s all up to you. 

3. Make it your newsletter 

This is, again, an expansion option where you can elaborate on any topics that you have shared on social media. Maybe add a few exclusive insights for your subscribers to make them feel worth reading it. 

Don’t have a newsletter yet? Learn the why and how of starting a newsletter in this short article. 

4. Design an infographic or image

Change the format from text to image. You can easily convert an educational post into a visually appealing infographic, like I have done in this article. 

5. Write an e-book

This is where you can expand your business. You must have created multiple posts on a broad or main topic, covering it from multiple aspects. 

For example, if you share content related to Instagram marketing, you must have talked about using reels. You can take that topic and create an e-book covering every what, how, why, and when of reel creation for marketing. Or you can create a downloadable like Instagram Marketing 101 for small businesses. 

And here’s an example and also a resource to make your life breezy as a content creator and marketer. Nadine (the queen of the Wise Writers) has compiled all her processes, techniques, and methods of content creation that streamline her day-to-day content creation. The essence of her years of experience is at your fingertips:

6. Turn it into a Webinar 

The same topics you can create an e-book on can be turned into a webinar as well. You can put them on for free or make them a paid option to get some extra bucks. 

Never done a webinar before? Here’s how you deliver a perfect and engaging webinar that makes you look like an expert. 

The Bonus: Find opportunities for your next digital product

What’s the first step in making a digital product? Identifying what your audience needs. And do you know your social media content can help you identify that? 

Your posts that you think are redundant after a few days, can still guide you to your next digital product. 


  • Analyze your posts

  • See which topics intrigue your audience the most 

  • Identify the topics they ask you the most about 

And there you have your audience’s needs, which you address with your products. So do you still think your one post takes way too much time than it pays off? I bet not. Your every post is an idea that has the potential to be converted into multiple formats. 

Repurpose your social media posts into long-form content. Be creative with your ideas and topics, and don’t limit them to only 1 post. You can literally build a complete digital product by analysing your audience’s behaviour and needs through your posts. 

Got any more repurposing ideas? Share them in the comments!

Shanzay is the solution to all your blogging and SEO sorrows. She offers blog planning and strategy to writing, management and everything in between – find her on LinkedIn.



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