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Command Your Content in Your Own Time

  • 30Days
  • 15Steps
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A red-haired woman with long curls smiles into the camera. She is a content marketing writer by profession, and is wearing a white sweater. Her face creases at the eyes and she is standing on a white, street.


Welcome to Command Your Content! Especially designed for new and non-marketers, this course will set you up to handle your own content marketing and to be seen as an authority by prospective clients. After this course, you will: ► Never get your fingers burnt again. ► Promote your brand yourself, or by expertly leading a team. ► Feel confident as you grow your organic presence. ► Save time, patience, and money. Each session has a video plus text, so you can learn however you prefer. There are also downloadables throughout, and a content marketing quiz in each module. Ready to command your corner of the Internet? Enjoy!




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