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Command Your Content™

Content Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs
Be a marketing boss, with the methods I use every day.

What if you never had to hire a marketer again?​

Let’s be real.


Nobody will care about your business as much as you do.


Nobody can talk in your voice, about your business, like you can. 

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What if you could manage your content like a pro? 

What if you could channel all that love, dedication, and knowledge of your business, right into your marketing?

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Imagine feeling empowered instead of intimidated by marketing.


Imagine being able to scale back sales calls, saving hours of time, because leads are coming to you!

In Command Your Content, you'll learn how to:

  • Market your business with content

  • Become an authority in your niche

  • Lead or delegate to a team of marketers

Who is this content marketing course for?

"Marketing is overwhelming."

You’ve no idea where to start!

Content marketing seems too complex, and the "gurus" give unhelpful advice using buzzwords like SEO, WOMO, and CTR...

"I've had my fingers burnt." 

You've been overcharged for underwhelming impact.

You've tried to outsource work, only to find that no one puts as much care into is as you would.

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"It's too many moving parts."

It’s exhausting to keep going.

It seemed easy, but now you’re trying to market yourself, it's unclear what's really moving the needle.


Without foundational knowledge of content marketing, your answer might be "all of the above".

What if there were a way to take on content marketing in-house and establish yourself as an authority so that leads come to you?

That’s exactly why I created this content marketing course.

  • To show you how to reach more leads with less hassle.

  • So you can drive your business with organic content marketing.

  • For you to be known for your expertise!

Command Your Content™ in a Weekend for only $97.

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Meet your content marketing instructor

Nadine Heir

Formerly a leadership course facilitator, today I am fully dedicated to creative marketing for international brands.  ​

I create content marketing for brands, both executing and slotting into teams that need guidance for their existing freelancers, coaching them to greatness.

Proof of the pudding is my experience with international companies including WeWork, Globalization Partners, and most recently with Moody's, VMLY&R, IBM, and Coca-Cola.

Explore the syllabus


Lay the content marketing foundations

  1. Nail down your primary topics

  2. Understand your audience to fulfill their needs

  3. Pinpoint the best platforms for your content

  4. Check your content marketing decision process


Plan content marketing creation and distribution

  1. Understand A/B testing and the timeline for leads

  2. Calenderise your content marketing creation

  3. Test your knowledge of content marketing planning


Create your content marketing within clear margins

  1. Put pen to paper, edit, and proofread

  2. Make content marketing that entices action

  3. Quiz yourself on your creative and admin process


Expand and upcycle content into multiple formats

  1. Divide your long-form into several smaller pieces

  2. Attract leads and interest without a sales team

  3. Answer questions about content distribution



  1. Put your learning into action

  2. Graduation gift

Content Marketing Course

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