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The Self-Help Book for Content Marketers

A curated collection of stories, advice, and process for content management.

Typing on a Laptop

Transform your experience as a content marketer with my tried-and-tested Content Marketing Process.

From fulfilling requests to ideating your impact


You want to be the person the company turns to before signing a press contract. You want to inspire the marketing team, rather than waiting for their instruction

This downloadable book contains insights from my career, building content and marketing teams from scratch, with the documents that will organise your work and give you authority in the eyes of your employer. The processes are also relevant to solopreneurs and freelance writers.

Make your job easier and be seen as an expert, with the processes that professional content managers use, every day.

What business owners are saying about the book

This content process covers the often missed details required to create successful systems and processes that deliver results.
Using this quick guide, your content team will become an unstoppable force, crafting engaging and compelling content that captivates your audience while leaving your competitors in the dust.

"Nadine reminds readers that ideas and thoughts are not always aligned. While that may be a struggle for some, not anymore! The tools she developed and included in these pages bridge the gap.

I see myself applying the advice given throughout this ebook. Especially the reminders at the end!"

Very detailed, Nadine thought of everything.
The section on targeting your market was interesting and I like the worksheets!

All the processes I use, every day.

What's inside:

All my processes can be yours for £11.99.

Looking for starter resources? 
These downloads are on the house.

Starting a project?

Use my creative brief:

Coffee Dripper

Completed a project?

Use this debrief, on the house:

If all you want is a little fun...

Artwork for writers unwind eBook drawing_edited.jpg
Artwork for writers unwind eBook drawing_edited.jpg
Hunt down the cat and coffee in hand-drawn scenes, then colour in the line drawings.
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