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Build a personal brand on LinkedIn: 4 actions for beginners

Do you have something to share with the world?

As soon as you decide to start getting your word out via social media, you overcome the first obstacle to building your own personal brand: getting started.

LinkedIn is a great network to begin with because it offers the benefit of quick publishing, and therefore, quick feedback on your ideas. Plus, anyone can get started – no domain purchases needed.

As you ask yourself what value you can add to the worldwide web of knowledge – how and where to begin – here are some easy tips to help you nail down your niche, no matter your industry.

1. Share with interest, before expertise

The first thing to recognise when beginning to establish your brand as a thought leader on social media is that you know something other people don’t. Everyone has something to offer. And, most importantly, you don’t need to be an expert to be worth listening to. Observe’s channel was started by a body language student, who used YouTube’s popular vlog format to practice his own skills while making entertaining content for his audience. James Welsh has more than a million subscribers but no dermatologist qualification, yet people follow him for the “real person” perspective on skincare. Many influencers successfully draw an audience while learning their future trade. Watching someone imperfectly navigate a niche they’re passionate about is endearing. As long as you are transparent about being unqualified or inexperienced, your audience will appreciate the honesty. Many people will even enjoy being on the learning journey with you. So don’t wait until you’re a recognised expert to get started. As long as you’re a forever learner, you’ll always know more than much of your audience!

2. Ask around to discover your gift

Sometimes, the people around you are more aware of your skills than you. Ask your friends and colleagues, “If you had the right to take one hour of my time, for free, what would you want to learn from me?” You’ll be surprised how many ideas they’ll share.

3. Start scribbling – anything

A technique that many creatives to kick off any project is a “sh*t storm”. The logic behind this technique is that it helps to get all the bad ideas out of the way first and to let them guide the good ideas. A sh*t storm is the opposite of a brainstorm: it’s designed to get all the ridiculous thoughts and suggestions out into the open, with the mutual understanding that the rubbish ideas are what we want.

A birds-eye view of 7 people at separate tables work on their computers or phones. They are all wearing muted tones of blue and grey, camouflaging with the floor.

Joel Walker, Group Creative Director at Blue Chip Marketing said of his company’s sh*t storms: “Even the worst ideas can have a silver lining. just because it stinks now doesn’t mean you can’t freshen it up later. So, when you’re thinking about topics to share on , what sort of videos to make, or which trends to hop on, try getting all the bad ideas out first. Once you have your list of ridiculous ideas, reverse them and see if they’re the making of a good idea. Simultaneously, identify ideas that are so entertaining, they might actually work.

4. Don’t delay

If you’re reading this post, you’re so close to being ready to get started! Right now, you’re motivated, so this is the time to begin writing, recording, sharing, and learning along the way.

So start planning your next steps and set some short deadlines to ensure you juice this moment of dedication for all it’s worth.

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