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6 unconventional copywriting techniques that set writers apart

Delving into the distinctive quirks of copywriting, we've gathered six creative tips from seasoned professionals for you to use as inspiration for your own copywriting and business. From email strategists to website copywriters, they employ unusual techniques like brewing French tea (strangely specific, right?) and interviewing soulmate clients.

Dive in to read how these wordsmiths truly stand out:

Interview “soulmate clients” for insights

I need one essential component when I write web copy—client insights. It's not always possible (mainly when I work with agencies or creative studios), but whenever I work one-on-one with my clients, I have them provide a list of contact information for five to ten of their clients they identify as their “soulmate clients.” 

Then, I go beyond social listening, testimonials, or forums like Answer The Public and actually get on calls to interview these people on their real challenges and experiences. Gathering client insights through interviews is the single biggest reason the web copy I write converts.

Idea contributed by Elle Rosselli, Copywriter and Messaging Strategist, Clear Copy Works

A writer sips a cup of red tea, wrapped up in a blanket

Brew French tea for creative transition

One distinctive facet of my copywriting process, which may seem unconventional to many, involves the ritualistic preparation of a pot of traditional French tea. This step occurs immediately after my walks through Paris and just before I commence writing.

I find that the act of brewing tea is not merely about quenching thirst but serves as a transition, a mental passage from the outer world of bustling streets to the serene space of creation. The aroma and warmth of the tea seem to unlock a deeper level of creativity and focus.

It's as though each sip carries with it a part of the city's artistic spirit, enabling me to craft my words with a clarity and passion that I attribute to this very ritual. Thus, intertwining the physical with the cerebral, the mundane with the magnificent, in my approach to copywriting.

Idea contributed by Guy Blaise, Writer and Author, The French Perspective

Walk away for creative breakthroughs

With any copywriting project, I always build in time to walk away. Stuck? I walk away. Just finished a draft? I walk away. This pause is powerful—it's when inspiration strikes and fresh eyes bring everything into focus.

Idea contributed by Vicky Smith, Email Strategist and Copywriter, Flic Email

A shot of a marketing writer wearing black boots, only showing their feet walking through sun-kissed grass

Utilize existing client language

I really like to use words and phrases the client is already using. Sometimes copywriters, and even clients, come in and redo everything. While that's occasionally necessary for the goal of the project, oftentimes I'm helping clients expand and grow, and there's no point in reinventing the wheel. 

I, of course, add research and more strategy to the writing, but I also like to incorporate words and phrases and descriptions that I learn from either talking with the client or in an onboarding questionnaire. 

Not only do I think this helps make the transition to new copy easier, but it also helps me make sure the tone matches what the client wants, and it helps the client see themselves in the new copy.

Idea contributed by Lauren Plug, Copywriter and SEO Specialist, Copy by LP

Combine research with reflective walks

One unique part of my copywriting process is going for a walk before I write even a single word down (and then again throughout the process!).

Before that walk, though, is time spent researching the brand for which I'm writing, their target audience, and their competition. I need to give myself the full picture, and then allow time for that full picture to simmer, before I get to actually writing for them.

Understanding and contemplating each of these components is the most important part of crafting copy that truly speaks to the target audience's needs and situation. And copy that also speaks their language!

And by going for a walk, I'm able to jump-start the process and integrate all the research I've dug out.

Physical movement helps keep my creativity moving, and it's a part of my copywriting process that every writer should try! Especially when you're feeling stuck!

Idea contributed by Kristie Statuto, Website Copywriter, Kristie Anne Copy

A marketer holds a microphone out to an audience member to hear their question

Answer in-depth reader questions

I have a template I go through with way too many questions about the reader. Things like, "What is the reader feeling?" "What is their quest?" "Who are we as their guide, and why are we qualified to help?" 

It feels a bit counterproductive, but once I'm done answering all the questions, it feels like the clouds part, and I know exactly what to say in the copy.

Thank you to our 6 new contributors to Write Wiser!

Which technique was the most interesting for you? If you’d like to add another unique and unusual technique or contribute an original article to Write Wiser (which is proven to attract soulmate clients!) do get in touch.



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