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Humanising the experience: How familiarity improves marketing

The shouts started at 3:30. Jolted awake, I took a while to work out they were gleeful.

Now I was annoyed. Other holidaymakers in the room below had come home from the pub, to continue the party in the mini living room.

Livid, I messaged the owner...

Cut to 3 days later when chatting to the owner's son about the hotel's tribulations through Covid. He told me how hard he worked to renovate the hotel, a converted ranch, during lockdown. He also mentioned how sorry he was about the noise and having spoken to the other guests about keeping it calm.

Instantly, I felt sympathy. I never placed fault on him but I was made acutely aware of how powerless he might have felt facing my message.

I walked away from the situation feeling happy with the stay, disturbances forgotten.

"What a nice bloke."

Here's what happened: He established familiarity and humanisation.

In marketing, sales, and customer service, familiarity and humanisation are crucial. So, how can YOU integrate them into your promotions and service?

Consider these for your service tickets:

• Humans tend to our customers, not robots, so please bare with us!

• Amy snapped up your case and she's excited to chat shortly. In the meantime, this automation will keep you updated.

• Our crew is pulling out all the stops to get back to you.

Add variations of these into your ad copy:

• Bob is waiting to hear from you, and he's beyond excited to demo our tool!

Founder-led tech support to get the revenue wheel turning.

• The weight of worry is heavy, but Sam is super strong! Offload your admin issues to her team.

These copies are great to hint at the humans behind the technology, which is vital for SaaS and app brands. What is even better than all these phrases? Share a struggle. Nothing is more familiar and human than struggling to make things work, and social media is becoming more personal every day, so don't fear being personal on there.

Have any better ideas or tips? Drop a comment or a message; I'll include your suggestion and tag you!

Want to know more about writing with heart and humanity? Reach out.



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