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Unlock new opportunities by confidently changing your niche

Restlessness may be my lot in life, and change — a friend.

When I began my freelancing journey, I was advised that 'money is in the niches.' 

What niches? Do not all of the niches render the same sum of payment? And do I choose a niche solely on money rendered? 

When I posed these questions, I was told that if I do what I love, the money will follow.

I have yet to stumble upon fame and fortune by playing with my dogs and watching the same TV shows on repeat, so I can't imagine this to be inherently true.

The pressure to pick a niche at the start of your freelancing journey can feel a lot like picking a career at the ripe age of 18. Daunting

There are countless options: content vs copy, long-form vs short-form, ghostwriting, personal branding, and a multitude of sectors.

The best advice I have received in countenance is that freelancers can change their niche whenever they deem fit.

We can always pivot.

I have done much pivoting in my time of freelancing.

I have found that when someone is talking to you about the power of niches, they mean one of two things:

  • A declared specialization: wellness, e-commerce, finance.

  • A specific type of services they excel in that they provide to a diverse clientele.

Occasionally, you will have someone who is niched-down in both. 

Let's suppose you are at the point in your writing journey where you are ready to either niche down or pivot. What, if any, opportunities may arise in doing so?

Settling into a niche allows you to:

  • Find your ideal client

  • Hone in on new and existing writing skills

  • Cultivate excellence through joyful writing

  • Find out what you don't like

There are things to consider before switching niches:

  • Market research Can you become the go-to expert?

  • Effective marketing strategy Your target audience will be as specific as your niche. Developing a client avatar is necessary when launching any marketing campaign.

  • Does your ideal client exist within this sector? Consider what your day-to-day looks like with your ideal clients. 

    • What kind of services will you provide? 

    • What is the scope and timeline, and are you writing content or copy? 

There's no shame in wanting to explore new opportunities. We humanoids are adept at growth and change. 

Before switching your niche, it's pertinent to know your why.

Are you changing niches for money or passion? Neither is wrong, so long as you can maintain balance.

Reasons to change niches:

  • You've plateaued. When there's no new growth in your business, despite an effort to grow, it may be time for more significant change.

  • You see new opportunities within an undersaturated niche. Or, perhaps you have a fresh perspective or expertise that puts you ahead of the others.

There is a difference between earning an income and writing for passion, but balance is possible. With preparation, you can unlock new opportunities by confidently changing your niche. 

Protip: Once you've picked your niche, stick with it for at least 6 months. Consistency is key.

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