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1 crucial question to ask when hiring creative teams

There's one thing companies forget to ask when hiring creatives. And it's not a question for candidates to answer.

The question is:

Do WE have processes to make the most of their work?

》 Yes

Fab. Hire away and schedule training for them to understand your processes.

》 No...

Now you need to ask yourself if the hiring manager has the grace to allow subordinates to implement processes that they'll also need to follow.

Designers, copywriters, content movers and shakers... Anyone in this sector needs process for their creativity to work.

Process for creatives must include:

  • A clear submission format for creatives to propose ideas.

  • A ticket system or request process for needs from other teams.

  • A review line and RACI, and you need to stick to it.

  • Scheduled downtime after meetings to decompress.

If you don't have those things, consider hiring someone more senior, with experience managing creative teams (ie. me and my peers) rather than a budding young writer who's undercharging you.

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