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7 types of writing professions

Hoping to introduce yourself as "a writer" one day? Bet you didn't know there are specialties beyond copywriting and novelists! Moreover, many of these professions will allow you to travel while you work, or earn a lot more than the average fiction writer.

Here are some job titles that are going to rely primarily on content writing, and that you might not have come across without being in the industry:

  • Ghostwriter

These people tend to write in the voice of executives or busy leaders, for their social media, blog, or speaking events.

  • Blogger

Blog writers are specialist roles requiring SEO knowledge and could be either employees or contracted for one-time gigs on many different blog sites.

  • Brand journalist

In the words of ClearVoice, brand journalists write press releases or customer stories that are often pitched to third-party media.

  • Technical writer

It can be hard to transition into content marketing after being a technical writer but it is a good place to learn about content creation processes.

  • Marketing writer

Writers who want to focus on multimedia, videos, and short content creation would likely find a lot of this in a marketing-focused role. The job might look like this.

What other expertise might you delve into as a writer?

"A Tech Storyteller is someone who translates complex topics [and tech's] impact, for everyone it impacts," says Jennifer Riggins, Freelance Tech Storyteller.

Riggins highlights one of the hardest skills that writers need to learn: translating something technical into either clear marketing content or brief talking points for subject matter experts.

"Social Media Post Writers," says Faith Amarachi Ekekwe, Freelance SEO Content Writer, who believes, "the ability to describe ideas, inform, persuade and make someone feel diverse emotions is magic."

Did one of these roles catch your fancy?

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