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How to make money as a writer

Making money as a writer can be difficult, especially if you are just starting out. Many people get into the writing industry first after discovering their passion but soon discover it takes more than passion to remain there. Now, as one needs to find a source of livelihood, it is only fair that you both enjoy what you do and earn from it as well.

The increase in the number of businesses in the 21st century has made the need for writers a more lucrative opportunity for us. Businesses are forced to adapt to the increasing demand for social media proof and brand awareness. Every business needs content to both to grow and thrive in a highly populated world. It is also worthy of note that before any form of content can be displayed visually, it must be first written. The need for both designed and written content is still on the rise despite the large number of writers.

Making money online as a writer is therefore possible as long as you can find a need in the market and offer a solution to that particular audience. As a writer, you want to not just find out ways to make money actively, but passive income that builds over time. Marketing is an integral part of every business and you can make a lot of dollars from it due to the fact that written content is what is being marketed or sold.

10 ways you can make money as a writer:

1. Blogging

This is one of the most popular ways to make money as a writer. You do not need to have many skills to be able to do this. But it requires you to have a huge amount of dedication and patience. To start your blog you need to pick a niche in an industry that interests you as a writer. Develop content and publish it to your blog. Find a niche that is lucrative. You can create a free blogging account on either WordPress or blogger. Start earning from blogging by advertising sponsored content, running affiliate marketing programs, etc. Some examples of niches to try out: ecommerce, digital marketing, relationship, and lifestyle writing.

2. Digital products

As a writer, you can develop a course or self-publish a book that offers a solution to your audience. To do this, you can conduct quick research by asking clients questions about their needs and how you can help meet those needs. Create and tailor your product to meet their needs perfectly. All that is required here is expertise. Figure out what you are good at and monetize that knowledge. You can create a solid passive income that will feed you for a long time. In-demand products such as DIY (Do-it-yourself) and how-to guides are advisable.

3. Scriptwriting

With the recent surge in video content, there is a constant need for writers who can create scripts for social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Making video content a popular tool for advertising and marketing. Podcasting is also becoming a popular sensation. Before the creation of these visual and audio content, there needs to be a form of script. Scriptwriters get paid to create engaging content that ends up being converted to visual content.

4. Travel writing

If you love having fun and adventure then this is for you. Travel writing involves going from place to place and exploring the wonders of the world. Sharing and documenting your experiences gets you paid if you work with sponsors. It is an enjoyable way to get paid for many.

5. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting involves you creating content for another person. Did you know that most great content you see online is not actually written by the people named by the article or publication? You can write blog posts, Website content, publications, books, magazines, and even songs for people. Ghostwriters can earn a lot of money writing by selling their rights to publications.

6. Copywriting

One of the most popular forms of writing that pays more currently is copywriting. It simply means using words to sell products and services. Although it is often seen as an advanced form of writing, demand for copywriters is on the rise alongside the growth of businesses. Copywriters are paid to write product descriptions, video scripts, emails, and many more.

7. Email writing

Companies need to send out emails to clients regularly, taking clients on a journey of persuasion and then making them buy their products or services. This is a rapidly growing industry as more companies are beginning to understand the power of email marketing. Get in early enough to secure your clients and make that huge income of your dreams.

8. SEO writing

SEO writing offers a huge amount of money and is one of the best-paid writing fields. indeed requires a bit of technical expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO) which specializes in the use of keywords to rank your content higher on search engines.

9. Coaching

One common way to make money as a writer is to train other writers to gain mastery in their skill and become exceptional writers. These writers might be new or young writers who want to upskill themselves. To do this effectively you must have a track record of productivity and delivery.

10. Amazon KDP

This is the simplest and easiest way to earn as a writer as Amazon does almost everything for you. It involves self-publishing ebooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks. It makes it easy for you to sell your books as Amazon already has a large audience in need of its products and services. You can even start by doing book summaries and playbooks for kids. No need to worry about promotion costs and advertising; start publishing today!

Making money as a writer is possible as long given the right mindset and attitude to build your career. You can start your writing business as a full-time job or a side hustle.

As a writer, also build your portfolio to include possible samples of work you have already done relating to your field of expertise. Apply for jobs relating to your field of expertise and start building a network with other writers in your industry. In no time you will make money with your skills as a writer!

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Nadine Elizabeth
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