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How writing restored my sense of purpose

Experiencing frustration after failing to complete a task can sometimes lead people to feel discouraged and resign to fate, but many will also try to find alternative solutions. You bet I was also going to try alternative solutions!

I had failed at different attempts to learn and master digital skills like programming, graphic design, video editing, digital marketing and social media marketing (Instagram to be specific) until one point, I told a close friend, "I'm not made for all this". Such was my frustration at an early age.

My route to content marketing education through courses

Little did I know I was close to the light when I stumbled on a course that caught my attention on Coursera. I immediately enrolled for content marketing strategies and, although it took me longer than the expected learning period to complete the course, I got valuable lessons that eventually shaped my writing skills.

Bill Gates once said: "content is king" and I thought to myself, why not learn how to market content? I got onto a content marketing course on another learning platform, which taught me how to write specifically with the intention of selling (you might say this is what a marketing copywriter does).

I had just started my writing journey and I immediately loved it, longing to know more about this new treasure,

I consumed content on copywriting, content marketing, the structure of a write-up, and much more. Although I was already journaling, writing short sales copy and writing articles in a book dedicated to writing, I soon discovered I was not much of a copywriter. I had been writing articles that didn't look salesy. They were more inspirational and educational, especially centring on personal development, I didn't have to convince any reader to buy or take a desired action or whatever it was,

Enjoying writing for what it was: a joy

I found it easier writing for the joy of writing and knowing someone somewhere is going to be impacted positively by what I wrote than trying to be salesy.

Ever since this discovery, I have honed my skills and developed myself as a content writer, now I know who I am, an identity I am proud of, with a renewed sense of purpose, self-confidence and belief, only because I channelled my frustrations to push my inner strength until I found the perfect match; Me and Writing.

Are you struggling, without a sense of purpose, confused about your identity?

  1. Reach out to experts in your desired field, mature minds and individuals who can serve as motivation.

  2. Consume constructive content online.

  3. Reach out to me on my social media. I might have an answer to your questions!

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