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Intimidated by marketing? Beat the fear!

Everything becomes less scary when we understand it. I'm here to make it feel more approachable by explaining 3 elements of marketing you can do today.

In the grand scheme of things, marketing boils down to one fundamental purpose: growing your business. Therefore, fearing marketing poses a threat to your business. "But..." you say.

"I don't know where to start." "I've got no idea what ‘good’ looks like." "It'll take too long to learn."

I understand, we've all been there! Allow me to demonstrate why, and I promise, it'll be the least arrogant explanation you've ever encountered from a marketer.

Here are a few aspects of marketing that I find particularly delightful:

  • Ever-changing landscape: Nothing is set in stone. If Plan A falls flat, pivot! The target is always moving, and agility often triumphs over years of experience.

  • Personal touches triumph: Personality trumps corporate jargon any day. Let your audience see the real you. Company speak isn't memorable; you are.

  • Diverse starting points: There's more than one way to kickstart your marketing journey.

Shall we explore the places you can start? These are simple but impactful starting points: email, automation, and content.

1. Engage via email

I recommend crafting a journey of 3-10 emails. What should they cover?

Well, that depends on your audience. If you're diving into newsletters via Substack, LinkedIn, or Medium, establish yourself as an authority on a topic that intrigues your audience.

Conversely, if the journey caters to new subscribers or is part of a drip campaign triggered by website actions, offer valuable insights into your offerings and showcase your skills.

2. Set up automation

Despite their reputation for being salesy and robotic, well-executed automations can captivate your audience. Here are a few examples:

  • A welcoming message on your website, complete with a discount for new visitors.

  • LinkedIn outreach that adds new contacts or follows up with them using highly relevant and targeted messaging.

  • SMS to warm contacts seeking referrals to your business.

Thoughtful and well-written prompts in your automations can significantly drive sales.

3. Write thought leadership content

If the idea of being a salesperson for your brand makes you cringe, content marketing is your haven. Start by exploring Answer the Public and create articles or videos that answer questions within your niche. Publish them on a blog, your website, YouTube, or through a podcast.

While you can subtly mention your services, the primary aim is to educate. If it's clear how to find you, prospects will reach out organically, sparing you from the need to be overly salesy.

DIY your own content marketing

In my view, this final element of marketing is not only enjoyable to create but also fulfilling to manage, especially when collaborating with a seasoned marketer.

If you're considering taking the plunge yourself, a weekend course in content marketing can equip you to command your corner of the internet effortlessly.



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