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Tech company taglines: Can they be as catchy as consumer brands?

1. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Just do it. Maybe she's born with it. 2. Define your strategic innovation roadmap. Get a holistic view of data management.

What's different about groups 1 and 2? They are all taglines for large brands.

Group 1 consists of business-to-consumer or B2C brands, and the latter are business-to-business brands, B2B. Moreover, group 2 contains taglines from technology companies.

B2B tech brands are challenging for copywriters. How do you describe a product in a handful of words, when the product isn't even tangible?

You know you should evoke a feeling to be memorable, but should you put evoking a feeling over communicating functionality?

Not necessarily. While you still need to connect with humans for them to buy your product, business decisions will ultimately be made by several people weighing up real information.

If your brand sells to businesses, the team deciding whether to buy your B2B tech should know what you do from the first sentence on your website, presentations, and emails.

How can you write a great tagline for a B2B brand?

  • Start from what you do. "We make task organisational technology."

  • Add what makes them different from the other brands, being honest. "Our tech makes project management easier, without the learning curve our competitors tech demands."

  • Combine those to describe the result the customer will see. "Project manage with ease, from day 1."

  • Consider adding details in a second clause. "Project manage with ease, from day 1. Reach your goals with no-frills task designation and tracking technology."

You can play around with your tagline, add in puns or more unique product features. The most important element of writing a tagline is to keep its message close to what results from your tech. Don't get hung up on what you want to change in the world or make people feel. That can come later!

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