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Value-driven content marketing: What’s in and what’s out

Are you treating your content marketing as a one-way communication funnel rather than an opportunity for dialogue?Value-driven content is how your brand aligns itself with your values. Simple to say, difficult to achieve.

Your content marketing strategy should provide your audience with genuine value, not just promote products and services. A value-driven approach builds trust and brand loyalty, forging stronger consumer relationships.

Building your brand’s equity will drive higher sales. The market is changing, and so is what our consumers deem valuable.

5 examples of what’s in and what’s out in content marketing

Here's what's in and what's out by category of benefits that content marketing can bring to your brand.

1. Empowering content

In: Create accessible and applicable content that connects your audience to your industry. 

The key here is to understand your audience’s needs, not just their pain points. 

Out: Unaligned value propositions

2. Brand loyalty

In: Create consistent branding by:

  • Establishing colors and fonts

  • Marrying your business to a voice

  • Creating a sustainable content schedule

  • Creating content that fosters dialogue

The key here is to choose sustainability. What is feasible for consistency?

Consistency = brand loyalty

Out: Inconsistent branding

3. Authenticity

In: Share your brand’s story, values, and mission. 

Your audience wants to know what they’re supporting by supporting your business. That’s a fair question

List your values, realize your vision, and establish a mission.


Create authenticity by striving for a genuine connection with your audience.

The key here is to integrate value within your messaging.

Out: Limited company transparency

4. Engagement that drives sales

In: Engagement is more than posting.

Other pertinent forms of engagement are:

  • Commenting back

  • Answering DMs

  • Creating interaction through polls or quizzes

  • Collaborating with other creators or influencers

  • Attending events

  • Supporting with referrals

The key here is that engagement encourages interaction, thus driving sales.

Out: Promotional-only posting 

5. Content diversification 

In: When you diversify your content creation, you engage different segments of your audience and reduce the risks that come from a single content marketing strategy. 

Here are a few avenues for diversifying your content:

  • Blogs

  • Video shorts

  • Podcasts

  • Social media posts

  • Email lists

The key here is to utilize both longform and shortform content.

Out: Only utilizing shortform or longform content.

Purpose marketing for value-driving brands

If, after reading this post, you wish to go beyond the tactics of valuable content, consider working with a purpose marketer. Purpose marketing promotes industry-wide wellness — not just for your clients but for your entire audience.

Laura-Ray Read is the top expert in creating content strategies with purpose. Choose her and wellness for your audience while driving sales for your brand.


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Nadine Heir
Nadine Heir
6 days ago

Such an easy read and perfect to implement straight away. Thanks for the insights!

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