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3 ways to get answers to your emails

Struggling to get replies, but need them via email? You could give them a call, or a text... OR you could try these 3 techniques to grab attention and make answering you easy as pie.

1. Write subject lines like funny headlines

I know you've been waiting to hear this 👀

Inside: 1 ask and 1 piece of good news

Open this email to change your day!

Adapt this to your company's context, but keep the subject on the lighter side of informative.

2. Put any asks in bold text, always the same colour.

This ensures that, even if they don't have time to read the whole email, your colleagues know to look for the bold, coloured text for the things they actually need to do.

3. Share requests up top, and context below.

Put your background and date below your signature, or bulleted after the real ask. For example:

Hi colleague, I need your take on something I'm struggling to decide: Should I make time for project x next week, next quarter, or never?

The reason I'm thinking about this now is...

A bonus tip to ensure you get answers to your emails, is to work with an email copywriter, be it as a hire or a writing coach. Try these and build your own style into them. Most of all: don't worry about being overly corporate in internal emails.

An email copywriter uses their phone and laptop at the same time to review Slack

Want more tips for writing inside a company? Discover how to build trust through your words or plan the most interesting webinar on the internet.



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