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5 writing tasks to take off your colleagues' plates

Reach your own goals faster, by simplifying jobs for others.

Many of the tasks listed below won’t even feel like tasks to writers. We’re so used to spitting out text at a mile-a-minute, or thoughtfully phrasing asks, that we can whip up a mass email text in minutes.

On the other hand, non-writers might struggle with writing out a message to a client to the extent that they never get round to it. However, if we provide a template for them to work off, they are often more than willing to fire off all the emails we'd like! We're all on the same team, after all.

The main upside of using your skills this way is: You’ll meet your own objectives faster.

  • Draft comms

Write up draft emails that you’d like your colleagues to send to clients, superiors, or mass communications in which they make a request on your behalf. This will keep them on brand, and your company style will hold strong.

  • Make quizzes

Need info out of a subject matter expert (SME)? Make it fun for them. Send out a format that’s straightforward to fill in, a Typeform or Google Form, when you need information from someone else, in order to complete your own tasks.

  • Interview them

Alternatively, interview SMEs on the phone or Zoom when you need more lengthy responses, take notes, then send them a text to sign off on. Asking SMEs to respond to emails, or read a detailed explanation of a project is just asking for a slow response time! Depending on their preference of communication, a quick call might be preferable to a quiz.

  • Contribute to social

You probably read more than your company's leaderships, simply due to your usual tasks. You will happen on great articles that would interest your industry. So, send the article link with a short text to leaders and suggest they share it. They'll build their following and your ghostwriting will build internal kudos!

  • Canned responses

If your company hasn't already asked you for this, get ahead of them by proposing a few canned responses to problems that repeatedly occur. This might be for customer emergencies, complaints, or requests for more information. This will help both sales and customer service.

Easy peasy, right? These tasks likely come easy to you, and take others a while to think through. So start saving them the effort, and you the time, by taking jobs off them!

If you liked these tips, you will benefit from accessing my entire process. It will make you a stand-out choice for promotion in your job!


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Nadine Heir
Nadine Heir
14. 3. 2023

Being courteous and generous with our skills can save us time!

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