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Are you the talent?

Therapist, Podcaster, Chairwoman, Founder, Consultant, CEO…

They're the talent.

Does Dwayne Johnson write his own scripts?

Was Queen Elizabeth painting herself on the bills?

Even Trump had a speech writer. I gather he ignored everything on the teleprompter, much to the writer’s chagrin, but he did have staff doing their best to help him avoid sounding like himself!

A woman with light brown hair gestures to something blurred on the table in front of her. She's in front of a bright, warm background and being filmed by a camera which sits in the foreground.

They all have a say in the process, but they are not grafting day in, day out. The talent has a team. They choose their freelancers, they review and approve, they inspire the team.

That's us. We're keeping the marketing lights on while others get on with being the talent. It's a noble job if we're real. We get minimal thanks and none of the fame and fortune.

A writer with long dark hair gestures as though acting out a script, reading from a thick book in their other hand. The person is seated on a grey couch.

The reason this is noble is that most writers I'm close to could be stars in their own right. However, we choose to be behind the scenes.

This is the role of content marketers. I'm proud to be one.



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