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Soul-sucking writing jobs: Type, produce, comply.

You no doubt receive requests like this:

“We need a billboard for 28th Street.”

You're expected to fulfil.

The marketing lead continues: “It needs to have our website, a tagline, a QR code, a CTA, and an image.” Wait, that's a lot of elements for a billboard, you say! You try to nudge them toward a brand play, not another lead magnet. You're shut down. Now what?

woman writer gazes out of window looking demotivated

Does ChatGPT have more authority than you?

We've all taken those jobs. The ones where you're promised that you'll grow, “so much potential!” And on the job, you're a ticketing system. You're used like a word generator.

“We need a press release on our launch.” “OK but I'm a copywriter, press isn't my expertise…” “We need it by tomorrow.” “Shall I ask my network if they have expertise in this?” “How hard can it be? Just write what we've been doing.” Got it: Write, produce, comply. If you're stuck in this cycle, it will rapidly begin wearing on you... But you can break free of that cycle.

There are steps you can take to be seen as an expert. You'll need to:

  • Overcome misinformation about copywriting, content, and several adjacent functions

  • Survive ego-driven hierarchies and nepoti, content, and several adjacent functions.

  • Keep the wheels turning while implementing any process change.

It's a steep road to climb. There is a solution though.

A person sits in almost darkness lookinh at their pjone while typing on a compuer, under faint neon lights

What about you?

Will you stay in this kind of role forever, responding to tickets and gathering specs? Or will you forge a path to being the ideator, the invitee to executive meetings, and the knowledge source?

Let’s get you there.

We're making our content processes available, the sheets and forms that have served content managers for years in executive roles, reporting to CEOs, CMOs, and founders.

Go from fulfilling requests to ideating your impact: download our process.


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