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Cut content creation time in half and take your online presence to a new level...

Born of a career in startups, creating everything with a deadline of "yesterday" and with zero process in place, my tolerance for frustration is unbeaten. It's not all thanks to my granny repeating "patience is a virtue" though. Most came from learning the same hard lessons over and over again.

And I don't believe you should have to suffer, just because I did. You should be able to dive right into content creation and management with no pain, no headaches, and no time wasted.

That's my motivation.

The outcome?

The easiest manual to copywriting and content process for startups, emerging companies, and small creative teams. It includes documents I use every day to make content for clients, to gather information that boosts sales, and my methods to establish their authority.

Get your copy, downloads are limited!



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