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Comparing yourself? Differentiation for writers

Writers tend to be community-driven. We want everyone to win! Lucky for us, we can differentiate ourselves without letting others down.

Our skill sets can be drastically different, to the point that a client might come to one of us, and we respond, "I can point you towards the perfect writer for that role!"

For this reason, we need to be super clear on how we contrast with our peers.

What specialties are available?

You can be a ghostwriter, a blogger, a brand journalist or technical writer. You might prefer to be a creative or marketing writer, which is the area Write Wiser's editorial manager is in. We've written plenty of information on different writing professions previously.

Then there are further ways to contrast with other writers choose an industry specialisation. Some writers are finance specialists while others focus on wellness or ghostwriting for health coaches.

What differentiates you?

Beyond your specialty, you might not know that you can also standout for your outcomes:

  • "This writer brought in 200 new leads a month for me just by switching up my website copy."

So that makes you the lead-generating website copywriter.

  • "I worked with a ghostwriter and started getting invites to podcasts on a weekly basis ."

Now you can say you're the writer who makes executives famous.

  • "Our newest content marketer took on social media too, and followers skyrocketed."

Well done! Add social content rocket to you LinkedIn profile.

Once you're clear on how you're unique, you'll feel less competition with other writers, and hopefully you'll start supporting your peers even more. The Content Logistics podcast calls it career karma: the recommendations you make will come back to you in spades.

Looking for the perfect writer?

Below are real writers, to inspire your search for a specialty or for your perfect writer. Feel free to compare and contrast these people whose expertise is so distinct, they'd never compete.

Amee Bhavsar, marketing and creative manager.

Feyikemi Oyelola, long-form content writer.

Avika Dixit, product-led writer.

Chiamaka Joyce Nzeako, LinkedIn ghostwriter and blockchain expert.

Philip Oyelola, SaaS and B2B content writer.

Karen Nicholas, corporate communications consultant and manager.

Jenna Irving, content strategist and founder.

Amara Murphy, copywriter.

Jennifer Riggins, tech storyteller.

Faith Amarachi Ekekwe, SEO content writer

Nadine Heir, brand and marketing lead.

If you're looking for the perfect writer, one last word of advice. Note that few quality writers are also graphic designers or community managers (for social media). They will likely connect you to one, however! Why? Because we don't compete.



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